AIA is the expected “Amount of Invalid Accounts”

Due to the fact that our accounts are created by real people, there will always be some accounts with wrongly submitted login credentials. Usually, the amount of invalid accounts is roughly 6% and as such, the base AIA is 6%. Though 6% is for email accounts (except Protonmail) and social media accounts each, so when we add them together it’s 12%. AIA considers both the email account and social media account at once. This means that if an email account is invalid but the social media account is valid, together they are still considered invalid.

What does the AIA percentage mean for me as a buyer?

The AIA percentage will be taken into account when we process the delivery of your order and you will receive more accounts based on the expected AIA. This means that if you order 12 accounts and the AIA percentage is 12%, you will instead receive 14 accounts. The AIA value is rounded upwards. Since replacements have the same chance to be invalid, it is also considered in the equation.

Please remember that the percentage considers only the expected amount of invalid accounts, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will never have to request a replacement. On the other hand, sometimes you will get more valid accounts than you ordered. This of course means, that you will only be eligible for replacement, if you don’t get at least the amount of working accounts you ordered.

AIA percentage is only taken into consideration for orders of 6 accounts or more, per type (Gmail will always be sent with twice the amount).  Orders of less than 6 accounts will be delivered with the usual amount. This means that if you were to order 2 Quora accounts and 6 Facebook accounts, AIA will only be taken into consideration for the Facebook accounts.

AIA is also NOT taken into consideration for Instagram accounts, due to low availability.

Why don’t you check the accounts yourselves and remove the accounts with wrong login credentials from your pool?

The reason is that, if we were to check each account, it would raise an unnecessary red flag since we would “pollute“ the account with our IP addresses. The only exception to this is ProtonMail, which is based around privacy and thus we can freely check these accounts on our IP addresses, without raising any suspicions, therefore none of the ProtonMail accounts should be invalid.

Because of the reasons listed, we have accounted for the AIA percentage, which aims to reduce inconvenience for customers, caused by having to request a replacement.