Facebook account created with a Protonmail e-mail address.


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  • Manually created on a residential IP address
  • Max. 3 accounts per IP address
  • Some accounts have a profile picture
  • Email verified
  • Full access to the original email address included
  • AIAAIA = Amount of Invalid Accounts
    You will receive more accounts based on the AIA.
    : 6%

For the Facebook + Cookie, you will get a cookie file for each account in a Netscape format. This will allow you automatic login, as well as more trust from Facebook.
If you need JSON format instead of Netscape, you can use online tools to convert them.

Facebook accounts are NOT suitable for botting in the first few weeks. A thorough manual action warm-up is required before using automated software to manage the account. If you log in using a bot, the account will immediately require photo verification, a replacement will not be provided in this case.

It is recommended to change account passwords.