Terms & Conditions

These Terms & Conditions were last updated on April 04 2021.

By making an order with RESACCS you agree to the below-listed terms & conditions.

RESACCS guarantees that:

  • All accounts ordered in the store are obtained, without an exception, through legal means. Every account is made by one of many of our account creators.
  • We do not resell accounts from any other account provider.
  • Any ordered accounts will be valid for 72 hours.
  • If any account is invalid in the 72 hour period, we will provide replacement accounts in 12 hours or less. For full refund/replacement policy see below.

RESACCS reserves the right to:

  • Postpone order delivery beyond 12 hours until payment is fully confirmed (for example, unconfirmed bitcoin transaction, paying with an e-check, etc.), we will inform the customer in these cases.
  • Change the price of any accounts in our stock.

Once an order is made, the customer confirms that:

  • He/She has read the full Terms & Conditions.
  • He/She has read the full description of the purchased accounts.
  • He/She will test all ordered accounts within 72 hours, including email accounts.
  • He/She will take care of the security of the accounts independently.
  • He/She assumes full ownership and responsibility of the purchased accounts and the email accounts that come with them.
  • He/She is aware that RESACCS has a zero spam tolerance poicy and will not use purchased email accounts to send spam or engage in other harmful activities.
  • He/She will use purchased accounts sctrictly for marketing purposes and will not use them to harm any individuals, companies, or the website that the accounts belong to.

Refund/Replacement policy

  • We will provide no refunds once the accounts have been delivered.
  • If we cannot deliver an order for any reason, you will receive a full refund or a partial refund depending on what portion of the order we can or cannot deliver.
  • We will provide replacement accounts if you cannot log in into an account within 72 hours of delivery. Once you make a replacement request, we will process it and deliver your replacement accounts within 12 hours.
  • Replacement policy applies to custom orders as well.
  • If you’re not sure which cases are eligible for replacements, please see some examples below.


  • Wrong password
  • Wrong username
  • Account is disabled
  • Account requires phone verification on first login

Not Eligible

  • Account is not email verified
  • Account requires email verification
  • Account gets follow blocked
  • Account doesn’t work with a specific software but works outside of it

Privacy policy

  • Any personal information received, will only be used to complete orders and for no other purpose.
  • We will never give or sell your information to anyone outside RESACCS.
  • If your order cannot be delivered to your specified email address, (because of a typo or other reasons) it will be delivered to your PayPal email address instead.

We reserve the right to update and change these Terms & Conditions if deemed necessary.